GL Power LEW Services

Our team of Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) can conduct approved electrical services for your electrical installations. Our LEW services include inspections, consultancy services, LEW safety training and more.

Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)

Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) refers to a competent person who is able to carry out electrical works and holds a licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). All electrical works, such as new installations, additions and modifications to existing installations, shall be undertaken and tested by a licensed electrical worker (LEW). This is to ensure that the electrical works (design, installation and operation) comply with the requirements stated in the electricity act (chapter 89A). It is an offence for the owner or occupier of any premises to engage knowingly any person who is not a licensed electrical worker to carry out electrical works.

Electrical License Renewal

Electrical installation Licensing Requirement

Electrical installation for non-domestic purposes of approved load more than 45kVA shall have a valid electrical installation licence in order to use, work or operate the electrical installation. Electrical installations in premises used for "hazardous trades” such as wood-working, motor paint shops, petrol stations, paint & petroleum products, and temporary supply for building/construction works shall be licensed.

Supply installation Licensing Requirement

Owners or Occupiers in non-domestic premises receiving power from generators shall have a valid supply installation licence in order to use, work or operate the supply installation. Owners or Occupiers shall engage a licensed electrical worker (LEW) of the appropriate class to take charge of its electrical or supply installation.

*It is an offence for a person to operate an electrical installation or supply installation without a valid electrical/supply installation license issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

  • EMA LEW | EMA Licensing - GL Power

    LEW Services/EMA Licensing

    We provide LEW services, EMA licensing, and renew EMA electrical installation license for 22kV and LV installations.

    Besides LEW services and EMA LEW renewal of license service, we also provide submission services to SPPG such as upgrading of supply, new supply connection and new connection with distributed generation (cogen).

  • LEW Endorsement | PE Endorsement - GL Power

    Electrical PE/LEW Endorsement/Consultancy

    Our Professional Engineer review and endorse drawings and reports.

    Our various consultancy services include feasibility studies, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation and project management. We also provide PE endorsement for lightning protection. PE endorsement was established by the Professional Engineers (PE) board of Singapore to ensure that all electrical installation projects are safe and compliant with the applicable standards and regulations. Obtaining a PE endorsement requires a project to go through an extensive checklist. Our professional engineer (PE) endorsement services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the electrical design, from single-line diagrams to load schedules and everything in between.

  • Electrical System Study | Renew EMA License - GL Power

    Electrical System Study

    We provide electrical system study services for:
    * Short Circuit Analysis
    * Load Flow Study
    * Motor Starting Study
    * Protection Device (Relay) Coordination Study
    * Harmonic Load Flow Study
    * Arc Flash Study

  • LEW Services | Electrical Installation License - GL Power

    Electrical Equipment Testing and Measurement

    We supply labour and equipment for:
    * Testing and servicing works of MV/LV Switchgears, Power Transformers and MV/LV Cables.
    * Partial discharge measurement of MV Switchgears, dissolved gas analysis test of transformer oil and infra red thermography of LV Switchgears.
    * Certification of hand tools and other equipment with LEW sticker.

  • LEW Course | Electrical License Renewal - GL Power

    LEW Course/ Safety Training

    We conduct safety and switching trainings as well as LEW preparation courses to electricians/technicians for electrical works.